my first post what am i about liberty freedom and the individual

This is my first post on my first blog  hopefully it shall not be my last 😀

I’m a dyslexic 20 years old due to begin my study of politics and economics at university in September I am also chairman of the youth wing of my local political part (not saying which as i like to remain neutral to all parties).

my views are of the more libertarian or classical liberal wing focusing on more economic freedoms and prosperity rather than preventing any imagined or real difficulty, as I have been brought up to believe in self reliance and self discipline rather than government protection.

However i also believe in the social contract as a practical means of governing as developed by Hugo Grotius and later John Locke.

I shall explain what I am going to write about in my blog here is a rough breakdown of the blog

  • current political topics (which im sure you will disagree with my opinions on)
  • world news and world situations such as poverty and liberty
  • political misconception in the age of technology and information.
  • ways political parties may recapture the populations favour in the age of apathy

i welcome comments and welcome different opinions as we all know your speech is free


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